Teenie Beanies already in Russia

Check out this Russian Happy Meal commercial!

According to the site, Russian Happy Meals had the Teenie Beanies starting May 1, and they’ll continue through May 31.

Translated: “Meet our new program of soft and fluffy animals Beanie Boo’s! Look for them from 1 to 31 May 2017 in each ‘Happy Meal’!

“It has long dreamed of a faithful furry friend that always had someone to play and have fun? Now you have the opportunity to assemble a group of friends! Lovely zveryata Beanie Boos and would themselves want to make friends with you, but that’s only some of them are too shy…”

It appears that Russian Happy Meals will include 10 of the 15 character styles that US Happy Meals will have, some with different names:

  • Hairballs (Bushy) the lion
  • Twigs the giraffe
  • Choco (Chocolate) the moose
  • Bongo the monkey
  • Snowball (Blizz) the white tiger
  • Pyhchun (Snort) the bull
  • Morjachok (Seamore) the seal
  • Thorn (Spike) the rhino
  • Freckles the leopard
  • Roly-Poly (Waddle) the penguin