One week in

It’s officially been a week since the Teenie Beanie Boos arrived at McDonald’s. I only need 3 more to complete my collection: the green Coconut and both Myrtles.

How is your collection doing? Comment below!

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  1. We completed our collection yesterday! I was surprised that less than a week after starting, all the Beanies were available. I expected it to take a few weeks to get them all. Guess they’re still just as popular as ever!

    P.S. Thanks for this blog – the updates have been helpful!

    • I got my owl Beanies in Louisville at the McDonald’s off Breckenridge Lane and Dutchman’s Lane in the Hobby Lobby shopping center. That was around July 7th. (502) 721-7781. They were very helpful each time I visited and they will check the stock they have in the back if you ask. Also try the McDonald’s across the street from the Carmike Cinema off Hurstborne Lane. They are open 24 hours and had a lot of the different Beanies when I was collecting. (502) 491-8852. I’d say between these two stores I got more than half of my collection.

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