Names revealed for all 15 Teenie Beanies

A Youtube video (above) that shows all 15 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Boos in their packages in-hand has revealed the official names for each character, as well as the order in which they will be released. They are:

  • Toy #1: Bushy the lion
  • Toy #2: Blizz the white tiger
  • Toy #3: Mel koala bear
  • Toy #4: Timber the wolf
  • Toy #5: Chocolate the moose
  • Toy #6: Bongo the monkey
  • Toy #7: Twigs the giraffe
  • Toy #8: Seamore the seal
  • Toy #9: Snort the bull
  • Toy #10: Spike the rhinoceros
  • Toy #11: Peanut the elephant
  • Toy #12: Frostiness the polar bear
  • Toy #13: Tusk the walrus
  • Toy #14: Freckles the leopard
  • Toy #15: Waddle the penguin

This revelation disproves my earlier theory that all 15 of the 2017 Teenie Beanie Boos were Boo versions of Teenie Beanie Babies from the 1997-2000 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie promotions. Although 13 of them do share names with Teenie Beanies from the first 4 Happy Meal promotions, Frostiness (the polar bear) was a Beanie Baby that was released in 2008 and a Teenie Beanie Babies 2.0 from 2009, and there is no Beanie Baby, Boo, or Teenie style named Timber (the wolf), though Ty did release a Timber the wolf Ty Classic in 2012.