McDonald’s announces 2017 Teenie Beanie Boos

Here we go again! Twenty years later…

Current Super Marion toys at US McDonald's stores

Current Super Marion toys at US McDonald’s stores

Today, McDonald’s updated its United States Happy Meals website to the latest toy giveaway, Super Mario-themed toys. The Mario promotion, which coincides with the release of the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, runs through May 22.

With the update, the Happy Meals site also began previewing its next set of toys: Ty Teenie Beanie Boos. The “Next Happy Meal” graphic, shown above, displays 15 characters, many of which are unique in that they are not based on existing regular-sized Beanie Boos. The animals include a bull, elephant, giraffe, husky, koala bear, penguin, polar bear, leopard, lion, monkey, moose, rhinoceros, seal, walrus and white tiger. Given that the Mario toy promotion ends on the 22nd, it seems reasonable to assume that the Teenie Beanie Boos promotion will begin in McDonald’s nationwide on May 23.


Australian “up next” announcement

Additionally, the Australian Happy Meals website has also updated its website, revealing that McDonald’s stores down-under will have eight of the Teenie Beanie Boos alongside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys next month.

This spring marks the 20th anniversary since Ty Teenie Beanie Babies first hit McDonald’s Happy Meals. Read more about the first Teenie Beanies at this article at Teenie Beanies were last at McDonald’s in the summer of 2014 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Happy Meal.

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