The ultimate way to display your Teenies

Want to have the ultimate display to show off your complete Teenie Beanie Boo collection? Just ask for it. It’s free!

McDonald’s franchises don’t have any use for the promotional materials for the Happy Meal toys once they move on to the next set of toys, so usually everything gets trashed. That includes in-store posters, drive-through signs and even the cardboard Happy Meal display case setup.

When you go to get your first Teenie Boos on Friday, ask to speak to a manager, and then ask if they would save you all the promo materials. Chances are, they’ll say yes if you’re the first one. I did this during the 2004 Happy Meal 25th Anniversary Teenie Beanie promotion, and got a sweet display out of it.

2004 Teenie Beanie display

2004 Teenie Beanie display

Only two more days! Are you ready?

Teenie Boos in the UK?

A reader recently asked if the Teenie Beanie Boos will be coming to the UK. The short answer is: nobody knows. The longer answer involves a lot of speculation.

If I were to answer this based solely recent patterns and history, I would say it isn’t likely. At least not immediately. The last time Teenie Beanies were in a Happy Meal promotion anywhere in the world was five years ago, in 2009, in the United States. The US promotion prior to that was in 2004, and was subsequently followed by several Teenie Beanie promotions in other countries, and basically included generalized versions of the 2004 US toys: Canada (2004), the UK (2005), Malaysia (2006) and Singapore (2006). (See the complete Teenie Beanie history at

So judging from that information, if the Teenie Beanie Boos do end up going to the UK (or anywhere else), it may be several months or several years until it happens, since, obviously, the Happy Meals in other countries have their own toy schedules.

However, there might be a glimmer of hope for my UK readers: on June 5, the Happy Meal Toys UK Facebook page teased that “How to Train Your Dragon 2 [is] coming soon to a Happy Meal near you.” The current UK toys are Hello Kitty and Hotwheels, which started on June 4 and will go through July 8. If the blurb about “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is factual, then that toy promotion will likely begin on July 9. And if UK McDonald’s stores are piggybacking the “Dragon 2” promotion a month after the US did it, then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Teenie Beanie Boos might piggyback into the UK in early- to mid-August.

Of course, this is all PURELY speculation. Tyme will tell if our Teenie Boo friends will become world travelers and when. But I’ll keep an eye out for any new information and share it here. Stay tuned!


About buying online

A reader emailed me over the weekend, and made a good point that’s worth sharing: buying Teenie Beanie Boos online early has no way to guarantee the authenticity of the toy, or legitimacy of the source.

The Boos won’t officially be for sale until July 4, and McDonald’s stores probably won’t get the shipments in until shortly before that. “I have checked so many McDonald’s, and not of them have Teenie Beanie Boos yet!” the reader wrote. Which is to say that the Teenie Boos we’ve seen for sale in listings like these on eBay may be from a leaked source higher up the corporate chain. Or they may just be high-quality fakes.

The only way to know you’re getting a real Teenie Beanie Boo is to get it at your local McDonald’s. And isn’t that the fun part anyway? 🙂

Here we go!

Hi folks! Looks like we’ll be getting to experience a little ’90s nostalgia with a modern hit: Ty Teenie Beanies are rolling into McDonald’s Happy Meals this summer, and I’m super pumped to be once again at the helm of a blog dedicated to them.

I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you. Check back frequently for news and rumors as the July 4th launch approaches. In the meantime, complete your digital Teenie Boo collection by downloading (at right) the 8 Boo Crew members, created specially for this website. Post on your Facebook page or email signature, print them for scrap-booking or birthday cards… Use them for whatever you want! (Be sure to share a picture with us–we’d love to see your creation.)

By the way, if you hear news or rumors, or have photos to share, use the menu at left to get in touch with me. Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you!